McCay Cellars – Lodi’s Breakout Brand

Mark feels that McCay Cellars represent the finest in contemporary Lodi winemaking. Owner Mike McCay describes his winemaking philosophy: “My goal is simple…to make a Zinfandel with a sense of presence and character that expresses the trueness of the vineyard.

I believe that Lodi California has the perfect climate for Zinfandel. Lodi has beautiful heat in the summer and evenings that are cool with an average of 57 degrees at nighttime…perfect for Zinfandel. My wine making approach is “Hands On…Hands Off.” Hands on in the vineyard and hands off in the Winery. I look for certain and unique flavor profiles out of particular vineyards…it’s all about the terroir in the vineyard.

The goal is to create the perfect balance between the vine and the fruit. In the cellar it’s all about Native Fermentation. Through the practice of Native Fermentation the terroir of the vineyard has a better chance of showing off it’s true characteristics. Currently, I am working with seven different Zinfandel vineyards, with the oldest vineyard being planted in 1909.

These Zinfandel vineyards are scattered across Lodi from west to east, all with their own unique micro climates and individual sense of terroir.  The Winery’s production is typically in the range of 250 cases per vineyard. McCay Cellars is a small winery that is all about presence and character of it’s wines…Zinfandel Wine. ENJOY…Michael McCay…”